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Glass and Showers


Various glass products are available for purchase and installation, including tabletops, mirrors, shower doors and enclosures, windows, storefronts, and wardrobe mirror doors. KKTF Hawaii installs and repairs all types of glass products. We are proficient in determining grade, size, and types of glass and we have extensive experience in procedures for installing glass. We repair and replace laminate, tempered, float, and insulated glass.


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Shower Enclosures and Shower Doors

KKTF Hawaii provides various service and installation options for both basic and customized shower doors, tub enclosures, and shower enclosures. We can customize several framing and finishing options, glass thickness and glass types.

Mirrors and Glass

Glass comes in a variety of different types, colors, and thickness depending on the purpose for which it is being used. KKTF Hawaii's experience glaziers are proficient at determining grade, size, and types of glass, including laminate, tempered float (annealed), or insulated glass. All glass products, such as glass windows, picture windows, tabletops, and mirrors are custom cut to size. Some glass products are available in various colors/patterns, such as clear, gray, bronze evergreen, or arctic blue. In addition, certain glass types can be ordered with custom edging, such as clean, polished, or seamed.

Glass Windows and Doors

In addition to our window and door services, KKTF Hawaii repairs broken glass windows, storefront windows and doors, and wardrobe mirror doors. We also offer replacement glass slats for jalousie or louvered windows.



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