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The primary purpose of a screen is to allow fresh air flow and ventilation while keeping insects, debris, and other animals from entering the home. Screens can be offered in a variety of materials, including aluminum, fiberglass, copper, or stainless steel.


KKTF Hawaii can provide you with valuable recommendations related to all your screening options. Contact us to learn more about our wide variety of screen replacement, repair, and re-screening services.

Window Screens

We can replace existing screen cloth (recloth) or install brand new screen frames. Screen frames come in a variety of types and finishes and window screens are custom fabricated to fit each opening. We can provide you with a recommendation based on your project, including material choices and screen types. We also offer pet screens and solar screens.

Sliding and Hinged Screen Doors

KKTF Hawaii offers a variety of sliding and hinged screen door frames and colors. Screen doors offer excellent cross ventilation and help to keep out flying insects and debris. Door frames are made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum and are measured and custom-fit for each opening. Screen doors are availalbe in many diffferent styles and colors, including security screens and frames. Contact us to learn more about the products and serivces we offer.

Security Screens and Grills

We know that security is very important to our customers. KKTF Hawaii offers a variety of security screen products that help to provide protection from intruders while allowing cross ventilation and unobtrusive views of the outdoors. Security hinged screen doors and sliding screen doors are made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum. Security screen products serve as an effective deterrent against intruders.

Patio Enclosures and Sunrooms

Patio enclosures or screened sunrooms provide a living space where you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while offering some protection against fying insects and debris. Encolsed patios and porches are especially popular in Hawaii due to our year-round weather and outdoor lifestyle. KKTF Hawaii custom fabricates each screen to fit the opening. We will review all options with you and provide recommendations based on your project and preference.

Screen Cloth and      Screen Mesh
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Screen cloth and screen mesh come in different materials and colors. Mesh size denotes the number of openings per inch. For example, a standard 18x16 screen mesh has18 openings across and 16 openings down per square inch of cloth. KKTF Hawaii offers a variety of screening materials, including pet screens and solar screens.


Pet Screens

Pet screens resist damage from clawing and scratching from cats or dogs while providing protection from insects and debris. Pet screens are up to seven times stronger than traditional screens and can be installed anywhere traditional screening material is used.


Solar Screens

In addition to the benefits of using screens in your home, solar screening material can provide a number of added advantages.

Solar screens provide protection from the sun's harmful rays with UV blockage of approximately 75% to 85%. They also help to minimize fading of upholstery, carpeting and window treatments and they reduce glare on TV and computer screens.




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