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KKTF Hawaiii specializes in window installation and repair services. Our glaziers and installers are knowledgeable in the fabrication, replacement, and installation of various window styles and we can customize options for each window opening. We work only with reputable window wholesalers and manufacturers to deliver the highest quality and value to our customers. Contact us for a free quote or to learn more about all our window installation, repai,r and maintenance options and programs. 

KKTF Hawaii provides service and installation options for a variety of window types and styles.  Each type of window has its advantages. A particular style of window may be ideal for your window opening depending on its intended use. Click here to read more about different window types and styles.

Window Repair and Replacement Parts

If a simple window repair is available, our trained and knowledgeable installers will provide you with that added option. KKTF Hawaii offers window repair and replacement parts as a more affordable alternative to replacing an entire window. 


Repair services are particulary popular for sliding glass or sliding screen windows that stick and no longer open or close smoothly.  We have the expertise and experience to identify the needed replacement parts to repair the window.

Maintenance Services

KKTF Hawaii offers affordable and customizable maintenance plans to keep your windows operating effectively. These plans are ideal for Property Managers, Resident Managers or anyone wanting to maintain optimum performance of their windows.



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