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Jalousie (or louver) windows consist of parallel slats that are set in a frame.  The louvers are connected to a tract that can be tilted in unison and controlled by an operator or crank mechanism. Jalousies are very common in Hawaii because of our temperate tropical climate and tradewind weather. Jalousie windows allow you to control the airflow entering the opening and are optimal in allowing the maximum amount of breeze or ventilation to enter the room. Contact us for a free quote or to get in-depth information related to your jalousie options. 

Jalousie Runner Bar and Replacement Parts

KKTF Hawaii is a supplier of jalousie replacement parts and is currently the only known manufacturer in the state of Hawaii that supplies the jalousie runner bar. Our jalousie runner bar accessory fits most jalousie surrounds. We can replace existing clips and operators (or cranks) and replaced them with brand new parts.  This can have your windows working like new without the potentially unnecessary cost of replacing your entire window

Tradewind Brand Aluminum & Vinyl Louver Hardware

Tradewind vinyl and aluminum surround louver windows are durable and appealing. Tradewind surrounds are weather-tight because of their unique polypropylene louver clips and concealed mechanisms.


KKTF Hawaii is an authorized dealer and installer of Tradewind Aluminum Surround Louvers and Tradewind Vinyl Surround Louvers.



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