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Window Styles and Types


KKTF Hawaii provides service and installation options for a variety of window styles and types. Each type of window has its advantages. A particular style of window may be ideal for your window opening depending on its intended use. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation so we can provide you with customized window repair and installation options.



Awning windows are designed to provide privacy and allow some ventilation to enter the room. They are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom. Awning windows are commonly placed in patios or bedrooms and can be arranged in columns or adjacent to other windows.



Bay windows create an open feel and superior lighting, allowing light to enter the window from different angles.  The sides of the window can be opened to provide some ventilation to the home. They give character to the room and are commonly used in kitchens, master bedrooms and family rooms.



Casement windows are designed for difficult-to-reach places, such as over sinks and near kitchen appliances. Casement windows open outward from the side with a crank which allows for easy maneuverability. They allow for some ventilation and can be tightly sealed for energy efficiency.



Jalousie windows are designed to allow maximum ventilation. Jalousie (or louver) windows consist of parallel slats that are set in a frame. The louvers are connected to a track that can be tilted open in unison and controlled by an operator or crank mechanism.



Picture windows create an unobstructed view of the outdoors and are best placed in areas where ventilation is not a concern. They provide maximum amount of light to enter the space. When combined with other window types, picture windows can provide an ideal balance of light and ventilation to the home.



Single-Hung and Double-Hung windows look similar but operate differently.  Single-Hung windows have a fixed top pane and only the lower sash can be opened. In double-hung windows, both the upper and lower sash are operable. Some styles have stationary lower panes, which is popular for children's rooms. Regarding ventilation, both types are equal in the amount of open space it allows and approximately half of the window opens for ventilation. Single-hung can be opened only from the bottom while double-hung can be opened form the bottom, top or a combination of both.



Slider windows offer good ventilation and clear view of the outdoors. They are easy to maneuver and slide open on a set of rollers.  Sliding windows provide a good amount of light to enter the room and approximately half of the window opens for ventilation. Since sliding windows include no hinges, cranks, or easily breakable parts, they are less likely to require frequent or major repairs compared to certain other window types.





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